Bev Leonardis


Beverly DeLeonardis was born in N.Y.C. and moved to the Bay Area in the 60's where she worked for Pacific Bell as a telephone operator.  She became the chief union steward for CWA working on grievances, strike preparedness, and social and economic issues that impacted our union members.

In the 1970's she moved to AT&T where she worked as a communication technician and joined IBEW. In 1990, she graduated from the College of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and in 1995 graduated with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. In 2001, she retired and moved to Southern Oregon to be with family.
She started volunteering with Oregon Action in 2003. The positions she held were many. She was chair of the chapter and state. She also was chair of the board of N.W.F.C.O. which became the Alliance. Bev has been outspoken and an advocate for these following issues: health care, housing, jobs for southern Oregon, women's rights and immigrant rights plus many other issues.