2020 Endorsements

Since the beginning of this year, Unite Oregon Action has been interviewing candidates for elected office at the city, county, Metro, and state levels. We've been evaluating candidates' commitment to social, economic, and racial justice; reviewing their records when it comes to serving the communities we organize; and identifying those exceptional leaders who we believe would help us fight to make Oregon a more just and equitable place. We're asking the hard questions: will they fight to end profiling and police brutality? How will they ensure Oregonians are housed, fed, and cared for, both during a crisis like coronavirus and after? How have they demonstrated their commitment to immigrant & refugee rights? Will they support access to high quality, affordable child care that meets our diverse communities' needs?

On behalf of the Unite Oregon Action Board of Directors, we're excited to announce our endorsements of leaders who we believe will fight alongside and for our communities in the offices they are seeking. Below, you will find our list of endorsed candidates running in the November 2020 General Election. You'll also hear more about each and every one of these leaders - and how to ensure they're elected to office - as Election Day draws closer.

In the meantime, if you'd like to help us ensure that passionate, committed leaders are elected to office, sign up to volunteer with Unite Oregon Action!

PS: The first step to help ensure that the leaders below take office is to register to vote if you are a US citizen. You can register to vote online at the Oregon Secretary of State's website - to vote in the November General Election, you will need to register by October 13, 2020. In a few races below, you will need to be a registered member of a specific political party to cast your vote for that candidate.


State Senator, Senate District 30 - Eastern Oregon

Carina Miller

State Representative, House District 5 - Ashland, Talent, & Phoenix

Pam Marsh

State Representative, House District 6 - Medford 

Alberto Enriquez

State Representative, House District 28 - Aloha & Beaverton

WLnsvey Campos

State Representative, House District 50 - Gresham and East Portland

Ricki Ruiz

Washington County Commissioner, District 1

Nafisa Fai

Portland City Council, Position 4

Chloe Eudaly

Beaverton City Council, Position 6

Nadia Hasan

Ashland City Council, Position 5

Gina DuQuenne

Gresham Mayor

Eddy Morales